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Environmental Management Software

Environmental management software has evolved beyond mere eh&s compliance. You need flexible, scalable tools that can easily adapt to the increasing demands placed on your business. Comm-Trac™ products provide the framework to build a pro-active management system you can be proud of.


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Software For Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

Manage all your Environmental, Health and Safety data, documents, regulations compliance procedures, deadlines and tasks with Comm-Trac™ commitment tracking software from EDM. Now you can get ahead of the compliance curve, and stay ahead once and for all, with Comm-Trac™. Whether you operate a small business or are part of a global operation, there is a Comm-Trac™ product to fit your level of complexity and budget. Click the buttons on this page to learn more about Comm-Trac™ products.

You can also use Comm-Trac to manage training programs, equipment and facilities maintenance schedules, tax compliance, and many other applications unique to your business. With Comm-Trac™ and its customizable features, the sky is the limit!

Comm-Trac™ Basic

If you run a small operation and EHS compliance is a constant challenge Comm-Trac™ Basic can help you organize your requirements, set up a "compliance dashboard", manage documents and establish an automated reminder system so you can rest easy knowing things are getting done, allowing you to focus on your core business. Comm-Trac™ Basic is also a great "starter kit" for a larger operation wanting to evaluate the tool to be sure it is right for their application.


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Comm-Trac™ Pro

If your EHS programs are a little more complex and managed by a single person or an understaffed, under-funded department, Comm-Trac™ Pro is for you. Comm-Trac™ Pro incorporates features like regulatory links, legal register, multiple users and more compliance categories so you can establish a system that can grow with your company. There comes a time in an organization where the commitment is needed to better manage compliance and establish a formal system. Comm-Trac™ Pro is designed to help companies take that step without a huge financial and operational investment.


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Comm-Trac™ Enterprise

Comm-Trac™ Enterprise provides the ability to easily construct a compliance management system and scale it to fit the needs of a large organization no matter how complex. With full customization features, the capacity for hundreds of facilities (10 included with standard Enterprise), unlimited user capacity (100 included with standard Enterprise), and more than 100 available user-defined "category folders", Comm-Trac™ Enterprise can become the compliance system you've been looking for. Comm-Trac™ Enterprise becomes your system, designed by you to fit the way you do business. The enterprise system can be web-based or local server-based and is supported by EDM's staff of experienced IT and environmental professionals.


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More About Comm-Trac™ Environmental Health & Safety Management Software

Control and accountability are key elements in any compliance program. EDM's comprehensive and flexible software package, called Comm-Trac™, delivers that and more! Among other things, Comm-Trac™ provides for: the assignment of tasks and responsibilities to specific personnel; scheduling and tracking of due dates; automatic e-mail notifications; online links to regulations; comprehensive internal and external reporting; efficient document attachment and control; and tracking of permit, audit, safety, and training requirements. In short, Comm-Trac™ ensures the many tasks associated with an effective EMS get done!

Based on input from our existing customers, EDM has enhanced Comm-Trac™ to include additional components and capabilities, including user defined fields and flexible page formatting, so the system can be formatted to fit the structure of your existing EMS. In addition, our system can link directly to other applications within your organization to tie any existing compliance tools together in one comprehensive "management portal". Tight document control is an important component of an EMS, and Comm-Trac™ can maintain the entire document in one file, yet attach individual sections of the document to specific commitments and/or tasks.

Take a closer look at Comm-Trac™. We guarantee you will like what you see.